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Anti-Skid Gratings

Anti-slip gratings are thoroughly recommended for places where, oils, fats dirt or ice may accumulate.They are fairly anti-slip as it is. However, they can be made even safer — particularly in areas where there is a risk of oil and grease spills or when conditions are icy. Anti-skid gratings. So much safer, step by step. Their use is invaluable in many areas. The non-slip properties are improved by simply putting various serrations in the bearing and/or supporting bars and complies with the “Regulation of Anti-Slip Properties” DIN 51130. The procedure in accordance with this standard serves as a performance test for the identification and evaluation of anti-slip properties of floor surfaces where its use in certain situations would decrease the risk of slipping e.g. plant rooms and other areas in which the production or manufacturing process involves slippery substances such as oil, fat, water, foodstuffs, dust or plant waste.

The anti-slip characteristics can be applied to a wide variety of standard and nonstandard panel sizes and across a wide range of loadings and grating types. For example the serrations can also be used in stainless steel and aluminium applications.

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